GPS, Pizza Dates, and a Whole Lot of Bathroom Breaks.


I never thought I’d be able to stand before someone and tell then that I lived in a tent in the murder capital of the world for 3 months of my life and hiked a mountain into the most dangerous slum there to love on the needy and pray for the sick. I never thought that I’d even come near to the trafficking capital of the world- let alone follow the Lord’s spirit into the very core of it- and bring His light to the hearts of the broken girls and wandering buyers. I never thought I would stand on a stage surrounded by nearly 1,000 Buddhist Thai men, women, and children, and lead worship with my entire heart the very night so many of their hearts would find Salvation. I never thought that at age 19 I would play mommy daily to 14 abused and neglected South African babies, one of which I fell so hard in love with that I know he will be in my life forever.

I never knew that I could become so beautifully broken; So lost in this world but so found by The Way. I never thought that I would fall so crazy and radically in love with a life not my own and be held in the arms of my Savior who is my very life.

No, I thought that after 9 months of doing this mission trip thing around the world that I’d come home and go back to normal life…. But I was wrong.



This past year——– I found my life.

Yep, I’ll admit it, this life is by no means normal… especially not to the “stay in line” “go to college” “get a job” “Have a family” American idea that has been drilled into our heads since we were little… (and don’t get me wrong that life’s totally a calling for a lot of people, just not me.)

No, Jesus has called me into an adventure with Him that I could have never dreamed of… an adventure where being weird for Jesus is so crazy fun and okay— and the Joy and Peace that he brings me through it is insanely wonderful and overwhelming.

I want to set this world on a radical course for a radical God. I want to bring a passion and a light to the hearts of every person that I touch. I want girls to know they are beautiful and cherished; beloved daughters of the King. I want the broken and hurting to find comfort and healing; the outcast to know they are wanted; the depressed to know true joy; the troubled to know peace; the wounded to be wrapped in love; the lonely to know they are held and never alone; the insecure to find security in the King; the lost to find the Way; the dead to find Life; those trapped in darkness to find light; those who are burdened feel the weight lifted; the lame walk; the blind see; the deaf hear; the mute shout praises to our King! I want the people of God to know the power of God that IS WITH IN US through the empowerment of HIS mighty spirit to make a wave greater than any other seen before in the name of Jesus Christ.


I am called to awaken hearts to life and to let this world know Jesus.



Are you with me?



Next Adventure Verse: “Wherever the Spirit would go, They went.” -Ezekiel 1:12


There’s so much good that the Lord has ahead and I am so excited and ready for the ups and downs and adventure of it all!

In two weeks the next leg of the journey will begin!


NEXT STOP: America. (who would’ve thought?!)


The Lord has called me and my best friend and incredible sister in Christ, Cherub Grace, onto a road trip of following the Holy Spirit where He leads us! This trip specifically will be in the south. Texas to Louisiana through Mississippi to Alabama to Georgia to Tennessee to Kentucky.

Although the exact destinations are completely up to the Lord, He’s made a few things known to me that I am SO STOKED ABOUT.


I, in fact, AM going to college…. Or at least onto some of the campuses along our trip to totally wreck some people beautifully for Jesus, let girls know their worth and beauty, call guys into truth and strength, and to empower Christian student leaders on campus!

The next huge thing is homeless ministry. SO often times the homeless are overlooked and ignored. We want them to know they are seen by our God and loved dearly! We want to hear their story, read scripture, bring hope, pray, worship, and enjoy a meal with our suffering brothers and sisters in America.

We will to lead worship in a whole lot of random churches and locations!! Lots and lots and LOTS of worship 🙂 #Jesusswag

I want to inspire people to live their dreams through the strength of Christ and to empower them with a confidence in his ability within them!

We want people to be encouraged and know their worth. We want them to know they are loved, and to be the truth that speaks over the lies too many believe about Christianity. We want them to know our incredible God and his mighty power and unstoppable love!

There will be more coming about this and all along the duration of this trip! It’s going to be about a month and a half long and what is after that is in the works (AHHH can’t wait to share it with you!)


The thing about this trip is that we are desperately needing support still. The ways that the Lord provides constantly blows my mind, and I really want you to be a part of this adventure with me!

Whether you want to sponsor miles, sponsor meals for the homeless (which if you do I will get pictures and mini stories about the specific person you sponsored when its done!), or whatever else is on your heart that would be INCREDIBLE.

We cannot do this without you! We know that when the Lord calls, He equips! Pray about helping, and Pass the word along!

If you want to help support, or have questions or prayer requests, email me at:

contact me on Facebook

or give be a call at (262) 745-3018

Get ready, we’ve got an amazing lifetime of adventures ahead!




With the Joy of the Lord,

Riely Rae 🙂


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